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The government provides ATO soldiers with land parcels

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On Wednesday, October 7th, was held a sortition of garden land plots for ATO soldiers. Deputy Head of Kharkiv Regional State Administration Mikhail Chernyak attended the event.

137 participants of ATO from Kharkiv and the region received plots of land within the authority of Korotichanskiy village council. Each person gained 12 hundred square meters.

Lawyer of the Main Department of the State Geo Cadastre in the Kharkiv region, Konstantin Rybalko, reports on the registration plots: “We will prepare an extract certificate from the State Land Cadastre for each ATO participant. Then the land ownership order will be prepared. After this, land management firm will develop an individual technical documentation regarding the determination of the border area. As a result, it will be possible to register the right of property directly”.

In addition to land, the housing loans will be granted in Kharkiv. The press service of the city council informed that a program, which allows combatants to take up interest-free loans for 15 years, was launched. Director of the Department of Economics and municipal property of Kharkiv, Mikhail Fateev, clarified: “In case of soldiers’ death in the anti-terrorist operation the loan will be concerned as a redeemed”.

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