Home Culture Humanitarian aid was sent to Donbass residents from Kharkiv

Humanitarian aid was sent to Donbass residents from Kharkiv

Photo from kharkiv.mns.gov.ua

According to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the state reserve has allocated about 6 million UAH to purchase the food aid for the internally displaced persons, who live in Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

Head of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine, Nikolai Chechetkin, said: “This aid is not sent for the first time. The Government has been providing such assistance constantly and will continue to provide it. The cargo will be delivered to Luhansk region – to Severodonetsk, and to the Donetsk region – Mariupol and Kramatorsk”.

6 trucks are loaded with 80 tonnes of butter and 60,000 tins of canned fish. The food will be passed to the local authorities which will distribute it among the residents.

It is worth mentioning that only the officially registered temporarily displaced people will receive aid.

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