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Kharkiv police are now online


On October 9th, the temporary acting Head of the Public Relations Affairs of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior of Ukraine in Kharkiv region Lieutenant Colonel Kalmykova Oksana informed us by telephone that the interactive system was developed to provide the population with the information about criminal and other events in Kharkiv, as well as to have feedback from the public by the means of reporting about the current violations of the law in our city.


As of 09.10.2015, the system is running in test mode. So, at the moment there are some options on the site: “Report about the violation of the law”, “Follow the state crime”, “Get a police clearance certificate “, “Help and Feedback.” 

The site options allow the user to search by the date of registration and by type of event, to select a police department of interest, to see the borders of the city districts. The selections let you to sort events received from the police service and the events received through the website, as well as see events that have already happened in the city map. 

The site has also other opportunities. For example, you can look through wanted persons, see the location of the Triolan cameras, and find regional police inspectors.


When you open the site you can see the appeal of the Major general of the police Dmitriev Anatoliy, who talks about the need to establish cooperation of the public with the bodies of internal affairs, thanks to which the population can become an active assistant in solving crimes and city offenses. Also, the Major General expresses his hope for the help, support and understanding of the Kharkivens.

According to Kalmykova this interactive system was earlier intended only for police staff, but for today it has acquired more opportunities, including the possibility of contact with the general public.

According to the Ministry of the Interior of Ukraine in Kharkiv region, more detailed information will be available on the open presentation of this on-line system for the mass media on October 12th in the Recreation Center of Kharkiv Police.

Unfortunately the site is currently not available in English.

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