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Government purchases will be made via the Internet

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Yesterday, October 7th, at the meeting of the Executive Committee of Kharkiv City Council it was decided to launch the pilot project “ProZorro”. This is project impliments electronic procurement procedures for goods that are less than 200.000 UAH in total.

The Deputy Mayor and Director of the Department of Economics and municipal property, Mikhail Fateev said that the Ukraine is carrying out an experiment in electronic trading. On the 30th of September came a new version of the law on public procurement, so the city authorities decided to join the experiment.

The purchases will be made through the Internet. Every entrepreneur can register their offers and the customer (in the face of city government), will choose the best. Before bidding, competitors will not be able to see each other’s sentences. When the bids are over, all offers will be opened. This is done so that the public can monitor the fairness of trading.

Mikhail Fateev explained that later experts will develop regulations on the procedure of purchasing goods under a pilot project. After that, the unit of the Kharkiv city council and the executive committee will be able to begin participating in electronic procurement.

When the system will be implimented in such areas as education, health, road maintenance is unknown. The representatives of the department of economics say that they need time to test and analyze the experiment.

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