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Unknowns organized an arson in volunteer studio

Photo from inforesist.org

On the 7th of October, at 01:50 pm a fire occurred on Olminskogo Street, 16. The incident report was accepted by the Kiev district police department. The operational-investigative group was sent to the aforementioned address immediately. It turned out that the room belongs to the “3Z Studio” design company.

Сompany employees suppose that the attack is related to the “design-volunteer” projects they participate in. For instance, they have developed a symbol of “The red remembrance poppy” for the Ukrainian nationwide action “Nіkoli znovu” (“Never Again”). According to the studio partner, Tatiana Borzunova, attackers have caused considerable damage to the company and the office cannot be used now.

The press service of the regional department of the Interior Ministry explained that an unknown person broke the window with a brick and then threw a bottle of flammable liquid (“Molotov Cocktail”) there, which caused the fire.

Physical evidence was gathered from the scene. The investigation Division opened a criminal proceedings under Part 2 of Article 194 (intentional destruction or damaging of the property) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

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