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The children’s camp “Fedovets” will open a rehabilitation center for ATO soldiers

Photo from grow.org.au

Volunteers organization “Sestra myloserdiya ATO” (“ATO sister of Mercy”) will open the center on the basis of the camp that belongs to machine-building plant “FED” (Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky). Soldiers will be able to adapt to civy street there.

It is planned to use the declassified military developments that allow to relieve stress quickly. Soldiers will receive an opportunity to live in the center for two weeks. Masseurs and experts in art therapy will work with them. The center will be equipped with a special phyto barrel and infrared sauna. Cryosauna at −70°C will also help to overcome the stress. Psychologists will conduct group and individual sessions.

The head of the charity fund “Sestra myloserdiya ATO”, Yarina Chagovets, said: “Occupational therapy is a major aspect of rehabilitation. Everyone here should understand that it is a children’s camp, so one day the children will come back here, as the camp was not working for a long period of time. Everything should be renovated here”.

The organizers of the center are planning to open the first building at the end of October and  will accommodate up to 30 demobilized soldiers. The other projects involve repairing of two more buildings, one of which will be equipped for the disabled.

Recall, volunteer organization “Sestra myloserdiya ATO” asks for help. You can find a full list of needed items here.

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