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Restaurant “Tanuki”

Time. 12:00-16:00.

Price. 60-140 UAH.

Menu. 4 proposed options, where the number of meals depends on the price. You can, for example, choose 4, 3, or 2 dishes from different categories – the price will vary greatly. By tradition, we choose two different full meal. Drinks to choose from: juice, tea, or coffee. We would like to note that the choice of 4 dishes + drink = delicious and very satisfying! Unfortunately, or fortunately, we were not able to eat up all the food before the end, because the business lunch at this place is very delicious and hearty.

Lunch №1. Ovara roll, tory kunseno sarada, samurai ser, yasai teppan, tea.

Lunch №2. Otori roll, Rimitori sarada, tori ramen, tamagoyaki tyahan, juice.

collageсRolls. Rolls were fed according to the traditions and rules: a separate board with a hot towel (to wipe his hands). Ovara roll consisted of fried salmon skin, cucumber, tobiko and sesame seeds. Otori roll was a sea bass tempura, cucumber, tobiko tuna and chips. It’s nice that Rolla was the original, and not simply filling with the familiar taste (only rice and cucumber or salmon).

Salad. Tory kunseno Sarada consisted of smoked chicken, mushrooms, sweet pepper, and cucumber seasoned with white sauce. Salad was very gentle and refreshing. Rimitori Sarada – a chicken ventricles with sweet peppers, carrots, cilantro with a sour and spicy sauce. This salad was less delicate, the ventricles are stiff, but the carrots and peppers are well set off by the quality of the meat.

DSC00397First course. Soups were served in a tureen, like a small fire boiler. Samurai Ser – a cold soup with beef, egg noodles, cabbage, cucumbers and sesame. We believe that the cold soup is well worth trying on a hot day, because the refreshing taste of cucumber is very invigorating. The soup was spicy, which adds piquancy. Second Tory ramen soup – hot soup with chicken, wheat noodles, nori seaweed and egg was more traditional in our understanding. It was a rich meat soup, but at the same time, clear broth.

Hot dishes. Both dishes cooled down a bit, because they were made immediately, but it does not affect the taste. Yasai teppan – vegetarian dish: zucchini, eggplant, bell peppers, carrots, mushrooms, and soy sprouts seasoned with soy sauce. All vegetables neatly cut into long strips. Tamagoyaki Tyahan – fried rice with bacon, egg and garlic. Something similar to pilaf, but more delicate and refined, spiced up by interesting oriental spices.

Sauces. By Rollo fed soy sauce, ginger and wasabi.

DSC00409Drinks. We chose green tea. It was no different in sophistication but the scent was incredible like an acceptable Chinese restaurant should smell. Nothing special about the tea.

Service. Upon meeting each guest, the staff strikes a gong for each. A sort of a welcome kick =) Service made a positive impression. The waitress was accommodating, polite, was interested in whether we liked it or not; we did not want for anything. The menu was designed to be easy to navigate and unusual names were pronounced out for easy translation. We are pleased that she told us about all current promotions and conditions. It was also suggested that we spend time in other halls where you can hold banquets.

Interior. Palisade bamboo walls with hieroglyphics and statues, lamps made of paper, a large table made for the convenience of guests. All this creates a distinctive atmosphere which removes the rhythm of the metropolis, offers escape, and allows you to relax and enjoy what is happening around you.

Location. Centre. Sumskaya Street, 36/38

Type of cuisine. Japanese food.

Music. Lounge.

Smoking. Forbidden.

  • Have English menu
  • English-speaking staff
  • Wi-Fi – free

Parking. No.

Discounts and special offers. All shares online.

Payment. Cash and credit cards via Mastercard, Visa.