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Rainin pleased with the new police

The Chairman of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration, Igor Rainin, during the presentation of the Kharkiv University Consortium, said: “I am pleased with the first duty of the new police force. Yesterday, we, together with Minister of the Interior, talked to the guys and instructed that the main thing is that we are changing the relationship between people and the law enforcement system. Without this reform, further reforms are impossible”.

During the first day of work, Kharkiv police responded to 768 incidents. In the Main Department of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, in Kharkiv region, it was reported that the first day of the new duty patrol appeared saturated:

  • 72 Administrative offenses,
  • 33 family quarrels,
  • 29 cases of hooliganism,
  • 29 thefts,
  • 32 different conflict situations.

Recall, 800 new patrol policemen took the oath.

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