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Race in high heels in Kharkiv

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Yesterday, on September 13th, a “Race in high heels” was held in the Shevchenko Park. 30 participants registered to the race. The main condition of competition was that the heel should be longer than 9 cm and no thicker than 3 cm. The girls must also have put on any piece of pink clothing.

Unfortunately, not all has reached the finish line. Some of the girls fell to the pavement, other girls’ shoes flew off their feet. More experienced participants fixed the shoes on their feet using duct tape.

The winners:

1st place: Daria Pizhankova

2nd place: Tatiana Pocherninа

3rd place: Anna Borovskaya

Participants received prizes and awards from the organizers and partners of the event. Super prize – a trip to Europe.fN-6Nnbvh2I8Q2rOWhLOrw

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