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Show restaurant “Altbier”

Time. 12:00-16:00.

Price. 35-65 UAH.

Menu. There are 3 options – the price depends on the amount of food. You can order the salad, a first course, or the main dish and the price will be lower. As always, we have chosen two different, full meals. The drinks offered: uzvar, compote, tea, and coffee. We would like to note that all the dishes are served on a circular wooden board.

Lunch №1. Vegetable salad, green borsch, mashed potatoes, chicken sausage, and tea.

Lunch №2. Fresh salad, okroshka, wild rice, beef steak, and a fruit compote.

collageуаSalads. What is important to note is that you can choose a salad dressing: from sour cream, to mayonnaise, to homemade oil. For the vegetable salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers, we chose the mayonnaise. For the cabbage salad -homemade oil.

First course. Green borsch and okroshka. Green borsch is a variant of a traditional Ukrainian dish with no beats and tomatoes. The other ingredients are the same and it also includes boiled egg, sorrel, and meat on the bone. The main peculiarity of the dish is its sour flavor caused by sorrel, however, this time the dish was a bit tasteless but still fine. Okroshka is a cold meat and vegetable soup that is not brewed. There are plenty of recipes depending on the way the dish is seasoned: water with sour cream or mayonnaise, yogurt or fermented baked milk, sometimes kvass. We did not understand the combination of flavors this time but we were pleasantly surprised.

IMG_6362Second course. The meat dishes were served very specially. Steak and sausage were laying on the dark crispy bun with sesame (the sausage was combined with braised cabbage and some great tomato souse). There were mashed potatoes and homemade chicken sausage (well, a few words, too). The homemade chicken sausage was rather juicy because of the cheese and had a bright flavor brought by spices. The wild black rice was combined with the conventional white rice. Beef steak was thin, well-fried, with a good smell of smoke. The dishes came with sauces (sour cream and horseradish).

Drinks. Tea – do not expect much (it is just the packet Lipton). Compote was sweet and cool.

And, of course, we could not resist the fine selection of beer as the restaurant specializes on preparing it. The waiters are very friendly and will assist you in picking up the best taste individually. We were far more than satisfied.

IMG_6537Service. It made perhaps the biggest and the most positive impression. The young man was very attentive and gave us very valuable and helpful advice on choosing the dishes and drinks. He also offered to “unserve” the table served already for the evening guests, especially for us. This was the sign of the very special attitude and service; we really appreciated this gesture. And the thing we adored even more was the bow-ties on all waiters. Guess this is the feature of the place. There is a button to call a waiter.

Interior. Subdued light, dark wood furniture, comfortable sofas, a stage for live music, and entertainment programs – all this creates a pleasant atmosphere of friendliness, comfort, and sincere attention.

IMG_6282Location. Centre. Culture Street 22.

Type of cuisine. Fusion, special dishes from chef

Music. Charming lounge remixes

Smoking. It is prohibited in the hall. Allowed on the bar.

44yjx86ugew*Have English menu. Only basic (partially), no menu for business lunches.

Parking. There is free parking.

Discounts and special offers. Discounts do not apply to a business lunch.

Payment. Cash and credit cards via Mastercard, Visa.

by Kate Sukhopleshchenko and Oksana Dovhopiata