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Kernes: if I met Yanukovich, I would walk past him

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Today, on August 20, was held the fifth Internet conference of the Kharkiv Mayor Gennady Kernes.

Questions were asked on-line through the official website and social media accounts.

During the conference Kharkiv head answered about 30 questions. They mainly concerned  the future elections, social and public issues, sports infrastructure, road and transport situation in the city. Gennady Kernes also answered some personal questions.

Kernes said that after attempt on his life, he had reconsidered many values: “We only have one life, no second one. I have overestimated much after I survived. First of all, I’m speaking about people’s attitudes. I saw a lot of friends. And today common citizens of Kharkiv wish me health and a speedy recovery. For me it is very important, as a catalyst. I feel no complexes, I feel normal. I am able to perform my mayor duties.”

He also noted that the case on the attack is not investigated now, and he associates this with the name of current Interior Minister: “I do not rule out that this is related to the Interior Minister Arsen Avakov.”

There were also some hot topics. For example, the mayor was asked what whould he do, if he met the former president. Kernes said: “If I met Yanukovich, I would walk past him.”

The Mayor told about the celebration of the City Day, which is on August 23.  It is planned to open the intersection of Pobedy Prospect – Ludwig Svoboda Prospect, which was closed due to renovation and building works on the future “Pobedy” metro station. Also it is planned to open new fountain in Shevchenko Park. In the square behind the Mirror stream opens Temple of wives-Myrrhbearers. In addition, Krasnoshkolnaya waterfront will host the grand opening of the monument to Hetman Sagaydachny, which was demolished in the Crimea in the last year.

The next year it is planned to open “Pobedy” metro station and the fairy-tale house for children with unusual clocks in Gorky Park.

Tomorrow, on August 21st, it is scheduled to launch the first run of the train made on the Kryukiv plant in Kharkiv subway. It will run on Saltov branch and the mayor himself will take part in the first route.

Gennady Kernes declared: “If Kharkivens will entrust me the right to remain the head of Kharkiv city, I will do all my best to form a working majority in the Kharkiv City Council to work in the interests of every citizen of Kharkiv.”

The mayor also believes that the city will become one of the best cities in the world. In his plans is to make Kharkiv one of the TOP-100 most beautiful cities.

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