100 new babies grace Kharkiv zoo

This year has been prolific for Kharkiv zoo’s animal breeding program. Bear and lynx cubs, baby camels, piglets, bird chicks and even newly hatched little snakes are the newest addition to this zoo’s population, which is already home to more than 7000 animals of 400 species. The star of the show is, undoubtedly, the lynx cub Marysya, born of the zoo’s successful breeding of its magnificent male lynx called Felix. Here you can read about the story of Marysya’s birth.

Makeover and construction works are under way to prepare the zoo for its 120th birthday celebrations on September 6. Visitors will have access to all-new enclosures for cheetahs and mountain goats.

To plan a trip to the zoo, visit its official homepage http://zoo.kharkov.ua/.

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