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Kharkiv is on fire: in all senses

Photo: vk.com/only_kharkov

In Kharkiv, yesterday, July 26, a new temperature record was registered. According to “Climate Monitor” agency, the maximum temperature rose to +35.7 degrees C. This is the highest index for the day for the observation period since 1936.

The highest temperature recorded in Kharkiv in July was +37.6 degrees C on 12 July 1996.

As we already reported, there were several fires in residential areas at the central part of the city last week.

Recall that on Sunday, 19 July, a fire occurred in a house on Artem 3 Street, and on July 22 – in the houses on the Culture 3 Street, Chernyshevsky 84 Street and Petrovsky 35a Street.

Chief’s Assistant of Emergency Management Agency in the Kharkiv region, Igor Lupandin said:

“Pockets of fire in 99% of cases were in the attics; usually the structural elements of the roof burned and burnouts were between the 5th floor and the attic. We consider a version of intentional arson.”

Law enforcement authorities have already opened criminal proceedings on the article “Deliberate destruction of property.” Now experts and law enforcement officers are investigating this version. However, they consider the version of a short circuit in the attics as well.

Nonetheless, law enforcement officers say that they do not have objective reasons to link this series of fires with political background. Still, the center of the city is now constantly monitored by patrols. Police also asked residents of apartment buildings to clean and inspect the attics to avoid possible ignition wiring and also watch out for uninvited visitors.

The City Council was are also concerned by what had happened. Deputy Mayor Igor Terekhov said:

“Of course this is a strange phenomenon, perhaps these are attempts to destabilize the situation in the city.”

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