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‘Russia-managed’ terror cell uncovered and destroyed in Kharkiv

In June, Chief Editor of Ukrainian news portal censor.net.ua spoke of his contentment with the fact that a terror network active in Kharkiv for more than a year has been uncovered and destroyed. A security operation, which took place earlier in April, saw the confiscation of 33 kg of explosives, 3 silent sniper guns used by the Russian special forces, a rifle, 20 sub-machine guns, flamethrowers and plenty of ammunition. Even more importantly, the arrests made will enable prosecutors to hold trials for suspects in a number of terror acts, such as the bombing of the Euromaidan convoy on February 22, an explosion in a nightclub and others.
‘Every organization has people that deliver results no matter what. An officer of the Kharkiv security services was promoted to colonel yesterday for his services in neutralizing diversion groups in the Kharkiv region’, shares Yu. Butusov.
He also confirmed that all the apprehended terrorists are citizens of Ukraine who had received their training in the Russia chief intelligence base in Belgorod, as well as in Rostov. The hope is now that all of the indicted will get their dues as per the word of law, and will under no circumstances be released as part of a POW swap deal.
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