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Combatting fish poaching in Kharkiv region’s waters

In the summer heat, many Ukrainians take to the rivers and lakes for a traditional day out fishing. And the methods may include anything from a slender bamboo rod with a single hook, to spinning rods with reels and lures, to nets and even explosives. The latter two, though expressly forbidden by the law, are still used by poachers in the Kharkiv region.
Inspectors of the Kharkiv region fishstock preservation authority set up watches and go out on night patrol to monitor for signs of illegal activity. Most often, these will be nets marked with plastic floaters. Very occasionally, a poacher will be caught red-handed. The punishment may be prescribed as a 34 to 170 UAH fine, plus a separate fine for each specimen of fish caught – from UAH 17 for a crucian carp or perch to UAH 500 for a pike-perch or zander. The most painful thing for jacklighters is the fact that tackle and boat may be confiscated, too.
At least 400 incidents of poaching have been detected since the start of the year, a figure that includes sale of illegal, and therefore untested, fish in local markets. They have already cost the state around UAH 3 mil in lost fish stock.

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