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Design, PR and Advertising Festival this weekend in Kharkiv

On Saturday, September 24, the Festival of Design, Advertising and PR will be held in the hotel Kharkiv Premier Palace, reports the project’s organizers (RU).

For whom is this event?

– For super-businessmen
– For bold innovators, stylists, photographers, dancers, musicians
– For brand managers, PR managers of large companies

screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-12-50-25-pmWhat you can learn?

✓ How to make a website which sells
✓ Frank truth about self branding
✓ Custom sales psychology, how it works
✓ How to use PR and advertising make buissnes №1 in the city?
✓ How to make the brand of your hobby
✓ Packing your business and what it consists of?

Among the speakers: Ekaterina Kozlova – Creative director of family restaurants First Line Group; Sergey Efremov – Director, Business Coach in Training Center “Leader”; Volodymyr Lytvin – founder of clothing brand “SL_Ira”; Dasha Zarivnaya – chief editor of L’Officiel Online and others.

Where: Kharkiv Premier Palace
When: September 24
Time: 10:00-20:00
Price: 250-1000 UAH (Check here)

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