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Kharkiv theater plans to perform on the street


Kharkiv Theatre for Children and Youth plans to perform on the street, said theater director Andrey Gapanovich, informs Vecherniy Kharkiv.

According to him, the first open-air performance was already held at the beginning of last season.

“The format of street theater is developing in Europe, and we will develop it here,” said Gapanovich.

street_theatreAs he told, they need a suitable space for open-air performances.

“We will try to use the square, which is located opposite the theater. We want to make it theatrical and call “The area of children’s fantasy”. While we hold there opening and close of the season as well as children’s parties,” specified Gapanovich.

As the director of the theatre Andrey Lebed noted, there is no time to engage in street theater.

“We have to take many decisions on costumes and stage design, to find an actor who will walk on stilts. We’ll engage in it after the return from the tour,” Lebed said.

Most likely, the audience will see the performance on the open ground in the second half of September.

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