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Verkhovna Rada supported IT and innovation businesses

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On Thursday, September 8, Verkhovna Rada considered the bills №3719 and №2764, which relate to the investment industry in Ukraine, according to Ukrainian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (UVCA) (UA).

The purpose of the law bill №3719 is to stop military pressure from law enforcement agencies, and to prohibit the seizure of servers.

Olga Afanasyeva, executive director of the venture capital and private equity UVCA: “Finally we saw the real work of legislators. This bill is another important step towards the freedom of business activity in Ukraine.”

Bill #2764 was not passed. This law should facilitate the work of all the investors, entrepreneurs and start-ups. It must ensure the realization of the right to convert the cash requirements for the public to contribute to its authorized capital.  The law was sent back for revision.

“The adoption of these laws will not only reduce the outflow of Ukrainian entrepreneurs, but also return of those who had previously left the country.” Said Supervisory Board Chairman of the Association of venture capital and direct investment UVCA, Andrew Kolodyuk.

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