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Poland introduces new rules for the employment of Ukrainians

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From 2017, Poland is planning to change the rules for the employment of citizens of Ukraine, according to Polish Radio (UA).

plukrmapaThe permission of the district labor offices will act in place of employers’ applications.

Chairman of the Polish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce Jacek Piechota said that now in the country there are simple Ukrainians employment procedures. Applications are not registered at the central level, and this makes it difficult to check them.

In addition, there are employers who submit more applications than the number of workers they are able to hire. Therefore, some of the documents get involved into the black market.

“Since 2017 the application will replace the authorization, which will be provided at Labour Office. They will be issued automatically, but through registration, their authenticity will be easier to check,” he explained.

At the same time, he admits that  the labor offices could not have enough time to test all applications.

BACKGROUND: Every year Polish employers recruit about 550,000 employees from abroad – mostly from Ukraine and often in construction and household sectors.

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