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Foreign delegations visit Gorky Park

Photos from city.kharkov.ua

Yesterday, on Independence Day (24 August), representatives of the Association of Towns-Prize Winner of Europe, visited the Gorky Central Park of Culture and Rest, reports the City Council (RU).

Foreign visitors strolled through the park, everyone rode on attractions and visited the House of Horrors.

a3f6c83db1b7ac518b3658166c5e83d7As director of International Cooperation for the Municipality of Ankara (Turkey) Kabasakal Ramadan, the first time he visited Kharkiv was 2010, when the city was awarded the Prize of Europe.

“I watched the changes for the better in Kharkiv. Gorky Park is a symbol of infrastructural development. When I first saw Gorky Park, it was an abandoned forest, and now it is a place that meets all international standards,” he said.

c8ce187831224884b9df19e367916ac0In addition, representatives of 16 cities from 12 countries took part in the International Assembly of Kharkiv partner cities and the opening of the first regional representative office of the Association of Cities of Europe Prize Winner.

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