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Ukrainian startup launches “smart” keychain sales


Ukrainian team Hideez Technology Inc has begun selling its device – a wireless keychain Hideez Key.

hideez--keyThis keychain can store digital keys and certificates, can be used to open doors, unlock the computer, smartphone or conduct mobile payments, reports AIN (RU).

Now the company has released a keychain to keep track of feedback from customers, then they plan to bring to market a “smart” bracelet.

images“Smart” key chain can be a universal identifier (able to store up to 1000 passwords). This small device size 32,5 × 32,5 × 9 mm and weighs 9g. According to the developers, it can be stored in the pocket for up to six months without a battery change.

It can store passwords for computers and mobile phones, open and close the RFID-controlled doors. You can also use a digital signature, store authorization data for computer programs, also software for the device is able to generate one-time passwords.

The keychain can work as an “antitheft sensor” for things like wallets, handbags, and keys. If Hideez Key is put, for example, in a wallet, it remains in touch with the smartphone and the smartphone will alert the owner if the signal weakens or disappears.

Hideez Key can also be used as an additional factor of authentication for payment systems.

The device has been developed for several years. Since August 8, it will be sold in Ukraine in retail chains “Rozetka”, the Moyo and “Citrus”. Recommended price for it is 1299 UAH. Also on Monday startup begins selling the device in Germany, with a recommended price of 49 euros.

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