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Rally Champion teaches Kharkiv patrol officers driving


The first lesson on car driving for patrol police was held July 27.

Cadets gained initial driving skills, however, now the leadership has decided to improve these skills.

besedinThe instructor of Kharkiv cops will be one of the police inspectors Stanislav Besedin. In the past he was a racer, winner of the Ukrainian Rally Cup 2010, reports 057.ua (RU).

Besedin shared his impressions of the first lesson: “It’s a pity that we can’t completely simulate the traffic situation in the covered area. There is no suddenly running out into the road and any other unexpected situation. But to set artificial obstacles we can.”

thumb-big-420x305-cbbcAs a result of the base class, all the “disciples” will be divided into groups. The best of them will pass courses of extreme driving. Experienced Kharkiv autoexperts monitor the implementation of maneuvers.

According to reports last year, the Ukrainian police patrol broke about 400 official cars Toyota Prius.

maxresdefault (1)“70 traffic accidents involving patrol cars happened in Kharkiv since the beginning of 2016. 26 protocols for inspectors, 7 are revised, and 34 accident reports for the second participant of the accident were drawn up,” said police officer Besedin.

two_column_B7E1hLy5All the Kharkiv policemen will pass such exercises in the near future. There’s hope that after this practice the number of accidents involving the police will be less.

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