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Ukrainian airports to be certified to European standards


Ukraine is harmonizing its national legislation on certification of airports and aerodromes with European norms.

Experts from Spain will provide assistance as part of a Twinning project, the press service of the State Aviation Service informs (UK).

The Twinning experts will implement in Ukraine the project “Approximation of the Legislation of Ukraine in the Fields of Certification of Aerodromes/Airports and Airworthiness with the Relevant EU Norms and Standards” over a period of two years. The project will officially start on July 29.


The project focuses on seven major EU regulations on this topic and includes training and retraining of aerodrome/airport certification inspectors, analysis of the existing certification systems, proposals and recommendations on their improvement, and familiarization with the Spanish experience in the area of airport management based on the example of the state-owned Aena company.

The Twinning project is a tool for harmonizing the legislation of the European Union and its neighboring countries. The project aims to improve interaction between state agencies, which will ultimately facilitate speedy integration of the countries.

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