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Scientists propose modern student campus for Kharkiv


A roundtable discussion addressing key topics for Kharkiv in 2020 has been held.

The July 7 Strategy of Development of Kharkiv till 2020: Science and Education discussion at the V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University (KNU) was attended by representatives of the city council, rectors of Kharkiv universities, researchers and the public, said the city council.


It was noted that to maintain its position as an intellectual capital, Kharkiv needs key decisions from state and local levels.

One proposal was to develop students’ infrastructure and on-site student dormitories at Alekseyevka and to build a modern campus similar to the world’s leading countries (the campus includes a complex of buildings centered on one territory – academic buildings, research institutes, student dormitories, laboratories, libraries, dining rooms, sports facilities).

ubiProfessor of the Faculty of Economics of Karazin KNU, Vladimir Rodchenko noted the need for the creation of business incubators – organizations involved in supporting start-up projects of young entrepreneurs at all stages of development – from concept to commercialization. Students need the enterprises, where they can go to work immediately after graduation, he said.

6481692887b7eecb309aaa40fb402f40“In Kharkiv universities of III-IV accreditation levels teach 162,000 students. Till 2020 there will be a shortage of students. Today, the majority of foreign students come from Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Nigeria, while 30% of foreign students choose the field of medicine. Our task is to business-orient education where students can study and practice, and realize their first experiences,” commented Rodchenko.

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