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Today Kharkiv celebrates Ivan Kupala holiday


On Thursday, July 7, Kharkiv will hold ethno tradition festival dedicated to Ivan Kupala Day at Freedom Square, reports the press service of the City Council (RU).

At the event includes:

  • themed quests and flash mobs
  • master classes on weaving wreaths
  • the best performances of Kharkiv and regional ethnic groups

In addition, All-Ukrainian Tournament on historical fencing “Ritter” and demonstrations of martial arts Club of Slobodsky Cossacks will take place on the square.

Where:Freedom Square
When: July 7
Time: 15:00 to 21:30
Price: free admission

BACKGROUND: Ivan Kupala Day roots go to pagan times. It is celebrated July 7 dedicated to the summer solstice.

Many Ukrainians celebrate Kupala Night with bonfires that last throughout the night. Some people leap over the flames. It is believed the act of jumping over the bonfire cleanses people of illness and bad luck. Some groups of people sing songs about love, romance and marriage. It’s also customary for some women to wear traditional clothes with embroidery and a wreath of flowers on their head to celebrate the summer night.

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