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How many Kharkivens choose military service contract?

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Since the beginning of the year, more than 1,600 Kharkiv residents have gone to the army units and about 80 now collect necessary documents for voluntary recruitment, reports Kharkiv.Comments with reference to the regional media center of Ministry of Defense (RU).

“Stability in social security and career prospects, and thus – a gradual increase in the cash collateral that is what attracts most,” said military commissar of the Kharkiv regional recruiting office Yuri Kalgushkin.

Officers of the Kharkiv regional military commissioner notes excitement among girls with civil higher education in the choice of military service on professional basis. For the 6 months of this year already 141 women were accepted into the army.

“Most likely this is due to the fact that after a certain residence time as a private contractor, “qualified” soldiers can pass a special three-month courses and receive the title of Lieutenant. Thus, they will raise their status in the army, together with an increase in monthly pay salary,” said deputy military commissar of the Kharkiv region, Lieutenant Colonel Andrey Semenovich.

BACKGROUND: In 2015, 635 residents of Kharkiv became professional soldiers, among them 116 women.

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