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Ukrainian dies in terrorist attack in Istanbul airport

Photo from EPA/Vostock-Photo

A Ukrainian national – Larisa Tsepakova – has been named as one of several foreigners killed in a June 28 terrorist attack at Istanbul airport.

The victim, aged 56, was confirmed by the Consul General of Ukraine in Istanbul Vasyl Bondar, reports ZN.UA (RU).

Bondar also informed that Ukrainian diplomats continue checking data on the Ukrainians who may have suffered from explosions.

According to its website, Kharkiv International Airport continues send aircraft to the Turkish capital despite the attack.

BACKGROUND: A gun and bomb attack on Istanbul’s Ataturk airport killed 41 people, at least 13 of them foreigners, and injured more than 230, BBC informs. Three attackers arrived in a taxi and began firing at the terminal entrance late Tuesday. They blew themselves up after police fired back. Recent bombings have been linked to either IS or Kurdish separatists.

Ataturk Airport is among the three largest airports in Europe after London Heathrow and Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris, serving 61.3 million passengers in 2015. World’s 11th busiest.

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