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Social benefits for IDPs are back

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Deputy Head of Kharkiv Regional State Administration Evgeniy Shahnenko reports (UA) that social payments will resume for IDPs in the Kharkiv region.

“According to our calculations, in the near future, we expect that 57,000 IDPs will apply for social payments, 19,000 people will renew their social payments and about 14,000 their pensions,” said Eugene Shahnenko.

First Deputy Director of the Department of Social Welfare of KRSA Tatiana Babenko clarified the registration process for the IDPs remains the same.

“The working groups will check whether the IDP really lives at the place of residence stated in the certificate. If a person is not really living, we will not continue paying benefits.”

BACKGROUND: The Ukrainian government amended the relevant regulations (№509 and №637) (UA). Now the State Migration Service no longer needs to post a migration stamp. In addition, the IDP certificates will be termless (before they were valid for half a year).

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