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Kharkivens become frequent fliers


International Airport Kharkiv (IAK) in May 2016 has significantly increased the volume of passenger traffic, reports its press service (RU).

“There is a significant increase in passenger traffic that is not associated with seasonality. In May 2016 the volume of passenger traffic reached the level of 53,400 people, 56% more than the same month last year (34,200 passengers),” said a statement.

IMG_4129Significant growth of passenger traffic is largely connected with the expansion of international flights from Kharkiv. According to the IAK, there is a high demand for direct flights to Belarus (Minsk), Georgia (Kutaisi), and Poland (Warsaw).

Increasing the frequency of flights on popular routes by the airlines (both domestic and international) also played a positive role. This is evidenced in the growth of passenger traffic on such flights to Turkey (Antalya, Istanbul), Israel (Tel Aviv), Ukraine (Kyiv).

General director Vladimir Vasilchenko previously said IAK planned to increase passenger traffic by 60% in 2016 compared to 2015 and transport about 550,000 passengers.

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