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Kharkiv super energy-efficient car to show in London


A team from the Laboratory of fast cars at Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University (KNAHU) will take part in the Shell Eco Marathon-2016, which this year takes place in London from June 30 to July 2, says Status Quo (RU).

A prototype of an ecological car HADI 34 will compete.

shell_eco_marathon2According to the university, HADI 34 is recognized as the most energy-efficient vehicle in Ukraine and is listed in the Ukrainian Book of Records.

“The car can drive 575 km on one liter of fuel. It is the approximate distance from Kyiv to Kharkiv. We are the only ones who represent Ukraine at the competition. We are going to beat our record in London,” noted the team.

According to the organizers, the team does not have enough money to deliver the car to the UK capital. “We have carried out a collection of funds from sponsors,” reported KNAHU.

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