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Ukrainian IT Technopark for Kharkiv


Plans are being laid for an IT Technopark, it has emerged.

The authors of the initiative are to create it in Kharkiv and have created a bill that attracted lawyers from International Investment Partners Company, reports Citysite (RU).


On May 20, in Kharkiv there was a conference Free IT zone, which discussed the details of this project: European and Ukrainian experience, the general economic trend, different approaches to the issue of technoparks.

Senior managing director of the American company International Investment Partners, Sergey Nosenko notes that all new businesses face problems at the legislative level.

“We would like our idea launched to help the process of creating an IT-technopark and it to be built on new legal principles. We suggest the creation of a self-regulating organization that can unite IT-industry professionals and become our partner and lobbyist of technopark in the Kharkiv region,” said Nosenko.

The authors see the technopark, as an association, having at the legislative level the right to take in new members, provide them with tax breaks and a special form of investment.

According to the press service of Kharkiv Regional State Administration (RU), Korea is interested in this project and is a possible investor. But the company will look for other investors as well.

13260194_588173258027946_2246426410263510526_n“We are ready to ensure the interest of investors. International Investment Partners has contacts with all the major, well-known investment companies: Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, UBS – active investors in the IT-industry. International Investment Partners takes over the process of political lobbying of the bill. We as an investment bank is ready to support IT business in Ukraine,” concluded Nosenko.

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