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Who is the IT professional? detailed portrait (Infographic)

IT-portal DOU.ua (RU) published the portrait of Ukrainian IT specialist on the results of their 2016 survey.

All data is divided into three sections: general information, job, personal life.

General information

According to the survey, the vast majority of Ukrainian IT people are men from 20 to 30 years, living in the capital. They have (or are in the process of getting) higher education and good knowledge of English.

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If we compare the age and experience of the respondents, it turns out that 3% of IT professionals have come into the industry, being older than 30 years. There is also a direct correlation: the higher the level of English, the higher the satisfaction with salary and work in general.

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Personal life

Most Ukrainian IT specialists are family people. However, the heart of each third is free.

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The biggest number of owls was discovered among designers (probably a good thing to do at night), and larks – among business analysts.


IT professionals are rather wealthy people, but the majority still use public transport as the main vehicle. Cars were in priority only for project managers.

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Portrait is made on the basis of 8188 questionnaires. This means that every twelfth Ukrainian IT-Specialist took part in the survey.

Check more extended data here (RU).

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