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Flights from Kharkiv airport postponed


Flights out of Kharkiv Airport were today suspended after claims that a bomb was aboard a plane.

At about 3:30 am today, the police dispatch center received a call with a message about the explosive in one of the planes in the Kharkiv airport, reports MyKharkov (RU).

The bomb squad, police officers, criminologists, and almost the entire leadership of the regional police department, arrived at the airport.

A total of 128 passengers were evacuated from the aircraft, which, according to the anonymous, was mined. After this, law enforcement officers checked aircraft, luggage in the luggage compartment, interviewed witnesses and passengers.

As a result, the flight Kharkiv-Istanbul was delayed (was supposed to depart at 3:15 am, departed at 8:30 am). Also were delayed several morning flights – for 1 hour 15 minutes two aircrafts to Minsk, for half an hour – to Kyiv.

Law enforcers fully examined the plane and surrounding area, no explosives were found. They are now establishing the identity of the caller.

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