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How did Kharkivens celebrate Vyshyvanka Day?

Photos from sq.com.ua and social networks

Yesterday, May 19, thousands of residents of Kharkiv and city visitors took part in the events dedicated to the Day of Vyshyvanka (embroidered shirt).

Etnofestival “Slobozhanska embroidery” took place near the Kharkiv Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Lysenko in Kharkiv, where creative groups performed national songs and dances.

17 18 25Master classes in make-up and face-art, exhibition of ancient traditional embroidered shirts, and national costume, as well as a fashion show of contemporary collections in ethnostyle held near the theater.

0935The exhibition of children’s drawings and wall newspapers schoolchildren were presented on the stands.

19 21At the entrance avenue of the garden Shevchenko a bandura trio played authentic melodies.


In addition, about 400 students of the National Technical University “KPI” organized a flash mob with the help of multi-colored sheets of paper which formed the Ukrainian ornament.


Many office workers joined the celebration and came to work in the embroidered shirt. Some representatives of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration also worn national shirts.

Altexsoft, Global Bilgi, Epam, Kharkiv Palace Premier Hotel, ABank, Campana Call-Centre and other
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Representatives of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration

Photos on various social networks proved that vyshyvanka became a big trend of today even among youth as well.

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