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“Kharkiv Siren 2016”: New stelas of palmprints of famous actors


Festival “Kharkiv Siren” was launched on May 17, Kharkivdozor informs (RU).

0H0J8147In the Shevchenko Garden on Walk of Stars appeared 5 new stelas with palmprints of famous domestic and foreign actors: French Michèle Mercier, American B.J. Worth, Ukrainian Alexey Kolesnik and actresses of the Soviet cinema and theater Svetlana Zhivankova.

“Guests of our festival left in Kharkiv their souls, hearts. And thanks to stelas anyone can touch the works of actor, director, putting the hand in handprint. It has become a tradition,” said the head of “International Film Festival “Kharkiv Siren” Victoria Marenich.

The guest of this year’s festival was Alexey Kolesnik, who received the prize of the International Festival “Golden Knight” for best supporting role.

“I have not even imagined that three years later I find myself in this place. Let this avenue expand and new guests come to Kharkiv,” said Alexey Kolesnik.

The organizers expressed hope the event will continue to be held in Kharkiv.

0H0J8317BACKGROUND: International Short Film Festival “Kharkiv Siren” is held since 2009. During this time, the film festival was attended by more than 400 producers from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, France, Germany, Poland, the USA and Canada.

As guests of honor the festival attended internationally recognized stars (figures) of theater and cinema, music and fashion, among them Pierre Richard, Jean-Paul Belmondo, Alain Delon, Bogdan Stupka, Vladimir Fokin, Alla Surikova, Eugene Mamut and many others.

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