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Ukrainian creates IT-company giving volunteers 10% turnover

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The well-known Runet figure and activist Roman Khmil came up with financing of civic initiatives through IT-outsourcing.

Roman published his ideas at DOU to collect feedbacks among developers, and then firmly decided to run his Refactor.ua project. By September Roman plans to open an office and get to work, AIN.UA reported.

The Refactor.ua project combines two ideas: to make profits in IT and support good non-profitable startings in Ukraine at the same time. For this Roman is going to create an IT-company transferring a part of its wages and incomes to finance Ukrainian civil initiatives. It can reach 10% of the company’s monthly turnover.


“In general, the structure of a company’s expenses consists of up to 50% for salaries, up to 30% is overhead costs, and 20% is profit of the owner. That is, from $ 1,000 profit, engineers get $ 500, $ 300 is for overhead and income is $ 200. We agree an employee sends 10% of the revenues, and the owner gives 25%. On average, $ 100 out of $ 1000, that’s 10% of the turnover that goes to the fund,” said Khmil.

According to Roman’s calculations, per year the company will be able to replenish the fund to $ 5 million, provided the company employs 1,000 engineers with an average monthly income of $ 4,000 per person.

“The fund will enter the top three in Ukraine, and in five years with a budget of $ 30 million per year will be the largest in the country,” Roman assured.


The company will not have share capital at but it will be able to generate income for investors. A motivation for developers to work in such a company, according to Khmil, will be very high.

“It will bring together like-minded people united the goal to make profits and change the country for the better at the same time. Salary will be an average of $ 2000 and gradually rise to $ 3,000. But one of the goals of the company will increase the salaries of leading engineers (10% of the most experienced and strong in the company) from the current $ 60,000 per year to $ 100,000 over 5 years and $ 120 000 in 10 years. The objective is to keep the best ones in the country,” Roman concluded.

The full presentation of Roman ideas can be found here.

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