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Café “Dufarin”

Time. 12:00-16:00.

Price. 47 UAH.

Menu. The restaurant offers different lunch menu every day. All the dishes are like homemade, not restaurant-type. However, they are pretty nice. Here is a rough list:

– Ukrainian borsch
– Mashed potatoes
– Grilled sausages dsaf
– Vegetable salad
– Soup (noodles with mushrooms)
– Rice with vegetables
– Salad
– Pickle soup
– Buckwheat with mushrooms
– Chicken home
fa– The vinaigrette
– Vegetable soup
– Boiled potatoes with greenery/herbs
– Chicken wings in honey glaze
– Mimosa salad”
– Fish soup
– Meatballs in sauce
– Beets with cheese
– Berry compote/mors/uzvar

– First course. Buckwheat soup with vegetables and mushrooms, dietetic.

IMG_20160511_145219– Main dish.  Liver chops with carrots + noodles and pickled cucumbers. Everything was fresh and tasted good if you adore homefood. The portion was rather big. However, you will not feel too full after.

IMG_20160511_145741– Beverages. We got uzvar (compote). It was nice, moderately sweet with bright berry flavor. 

Service. The only waiter was attentive, VERY FAST. We got the order in a couple of minutes. 

Panorama room

Interior. The restaurant has two rooms (banquet and panorama), both light, airy, with many sweet decor details. “Dufarin” also has a large and cozy summer terrace, including bar. Everything in a cute French style. 

Banquet room

Location. Centre. Pushkinska Street 43 (Architektor Beketov metro)

Type of cuisine. European. Many dishes on a brazier.

Music. Pop

Summer terrace
Summer terrace

Smoking. Prohibited, however, you can smoke on the summer teT53E2_QF6Ncrrace.

  • English menu. ✗
  • English-speaking staff. ✗
  • Parking. ✗
  • Free Wi-Fi. ✓

Payment. Cash and credit cards Mastercard, Visa.

This is a cozy and sweet place where you can have a small and cheap homemade lunch or try other dishes from the menu. The pricing is very democratic and the service is really rocket-type =)


by Kate Sukhopleshchenko and Oksana Dovhopiata