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Bridge of Generations to unite teens and elderly

Photo from art-lantida.ru

On Sunday May 15, the Bridge of Generations event will be held in the retro zone of Gorky Park.

According to organizers, the older generation will learn to relax, as does today’s youth, and boys and girls spend a day traditionally for the 50-60th of the last century.

Retro park is divided into several seating areas:

  1. Dance. Young people will learn to dance the waltz, foxtrot, boogie-woogie, and the older generation – modern dance under the guidance of professional choreographers.
  2. Music. Young singers and guitarists will perform popular songs of 50-80th.
  3. Game. Young grandmasters will play the older generation at chess.

It will end in a dance flashmob event, with hits of both generations, but in the end all come together in one dance.

Where: Gorky Central Park of Culture and Rest
When: May 15
Time: 13:00
Price: Free admission

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