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Air show impressed Kharkivens

On May 7, a two-day Aviation Festival started at the Korotych airfield (the Kharkiv region).

The show was slightly spoiled by the weather: a veil of clouds covered the sky all day long. Despite this, fans of thrills were able to rise into the air. The program of the show included parachuting and aerobatics.

“Aircrafts flew so high that sometimes were invisible. Paratroopers landed somewhere in the field, away from us. Of course, the weather let the show down a bit, but it was interesting watching from the ground,” says Alexey Sviridov, a viewer of the airshow.

While athletes and beginners made jumps from a height of 4 km, military equipment exhibition entertained people: helicopters, trainer aircraft, and rare for maize.

kjhkjhjkhAmong those who took to the sky, was the vice-governor Julia SvetlichnayaShe made a flight in a four-seater Yak-18T, KP Ukraine reported (RU).

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