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Minimum wages and pensions rise in Ukraine

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Ukrainian living standards could begin to rise after they were boosted by six percent as of May 1.

The minimum wage, minimum pension and the living wage were increased, informs “Liga.net” referring to the Deputy Prime Minister for Social Policy Pavlo Rozenko.

The minimum wage set at 1,450 UAH, the minimum pension at 1,130 UAH and the living wage at 1,399 UAH.

The size of social assistance to disabled from childhood and disabled children also increased. According to the amendments, the minimum help is now 1,130 UAH, the maximum 2,717 UAH.

BACKGROUND: The law on state budget for 2016 envisages a two-stage increase in the minimum wage and minimum pensions – in May and December. Total minimum wage will increase by 12.5%.

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