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Yaroslavsky bought a major shareholding of Kharkiv Tractor Plant


President and owner of the DCH Group companies (Development Construction Holding), ex-president of Football Club “Metalist”, Alexander Yaroslavsky on the proposal of the Austrian businessman Siegfried Wolf, investor of PJSC “Kharkiv tractor plant” (KTP) has acquired a controlling stake of the company, reports Hubs referring to the press service of the DCH.

“Partnership with Yaroslavsky will give a new impetus to the development of the plant. We go back a long way, I know him as a man of his word, and all business partners respond about him very well – including foreign ones. That is why, when raised a threat to my investment in Ukraine, I addressed to him with a proposal to become a shareholder of KTP once again,” Wolff said.

According to Yaroslavsky, given the situation in which the plant is now, it must be urgently rescued.

htz02“We can’t allow the enterprise with such potential go to pieces. All the more, the welfare of almost 10,000 Kharkivens (workers and their families) and some 100,000 workers of allied enterprises in Ukraine depends on its stability. Therefore, an international consortium, which we have now created will work to achieve two key objectives – the revival of production and return of KTP to international levels,” he said.

At the moment the process of finalization of a deal on the results of yesterday’s meeting of shareholders in Kharkiv is in progress. The purchase price is held confidence.

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