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Why does everyone love Kharkiv?

The opening of a composition “I Love Kharkiv” was held in the shopping center “Barabashovo”.

At the opening ceremony the chairman of the composition of the founders of the Council of JSC “Concern “AVEC and Co” Boris Feldman said: “I believe that every Kharkiven shoudn’t just talk, but shout “I love you, my hometown!””

Within the event, entrepreneurs, members of the group “AVEC” and residents of the city made a massive selfie.

According to the organizers, the composition is near “Barabashovo” so every day thousands of shoppers will have the opportunity to take a picture next to the letters “I Love Kharkiv”.

ййBACKGROUND: Barabashovo – the largest industrial and clothing market of Ukraine, occupies an area of over 75 hectares being the largest in Eastern Europe and 14th place in the ranking of the largest markets in the world.

The distance between the two most distant points of the territory “Barabashovo” – 1840 meters. This year marks its 20th anniversary.

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