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City hosts European Dance Festival

Photo from danceclub.kz

The European Championship EDSF and Cup of Ukraine in ten kinds of dance (European and Latin American programs) “Zerkalnaya Struya” was held at the sports complex “Locomotive” on April 23-24, Unian reports.

2Dancers and judges from the United States, England, Italy, France, Poland, Serbia, Israel, Georgia, Lithuania, Russia, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Ukraine came to the festival.

In total, the dance sport program involved more than 1,000 dancers.

On April 23 a big charity gala concert was organized: some part of the collected means has gone to the needs of the Kharkiv regional specialized orphanage №1.

3“I myself appreciate the festival as very successful and well-arranged. At these competitions it is usually very difficult to create a festive atmosphere. Therefore, the main work of the organizers is to create beautiful surroundings, an atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy the holiday,” the organizer Gennady Khavkin said.

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