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Microsoft Ukraine takes up local school

Photo from itc.ua

The Ministry of Finance selected 24 schools to support a pilot project to improve the quality of education in the villages and towns, Status Quo reports.

The project selected one school in each region. In the Kharkiv region it was Borovskaya secondary school.

It will be able to obtain resources for the repair of premises, equipment and educational information and computer technologies. Preference was given to schools that are enlarged due to small-format schools. The facility renovation of schools to be completed by September 1, 2016

BACKGROUND: At the initiative of the ex-Minister of Finance Natalia Yaresko the project was founded by the Ministry of Finance together with the Ministry of Education and Science.

It became possible thanks to the support group of donors: the US government, Western NIS Enterprise Fund, as well as company Microsoft Ukraine that agreed to provide technical assistance in equipping the support of educational institutions.

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