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European standard bicycle paths for city

Photos from www.city.kharkov.ua

Preparatory works for the construction of bicycle paths are currently underway in Kharkiv, reports the chief engineer of firm-contractor Roman Bondarenko.

The draft takes into account all the European rules and regulations.

“These paths will not freeze in winter. We use special technologies, which will enable usage of the roads all year round. It will also use geotextile – a material which prevents from growing plant roots,” explains Roman Bondarenko.

9fd8fd12a43cf0f2359f2dbac7be3ce6 Director of the engineering firm, Tatiana Polivanova said that parking and bicycle stops for rest are planned along the paths.

The bike path length of 7 km and a width of 3 m will run from the crossroad of Sumska and Derevyanko street to the Holy Temple of Queen Tamara in Pyatikhatki. On both sides of the route, builders will lay the lawn and keep the trees.

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