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Kharkiv: Largest visa centre opens


The largest visa application center in the region, where citizens can get a visa to 18 EU countries, has opened in Kharkiv, Status Quo informs (RU).

The center is located at Shopping and Entertainment Center “Karavan” (Heroiv Pratsi Street, 7), the second floor. The visa center operates Monday to Friday from 8:30 to 15:30 and can serve up to 1,000 people a day.

The visa application center is the official representative on visa service provision in Poland, Spain, the Netherlands, Denmark, Belgium, Lithuania, Austria, Greece, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Germany, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, and Estonia.

1081866If necessary applicants can also make use of additional services: to take a photo, to buy health insurance, to order the international passport delivery service. Among the free services is photocopying of documents and consultation of visa center employee.

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