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Ukrainians offer to produce energy using sea waves

Eighteen-year-old student of National Technical University of Ukraine Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Mikhail Litovchenko with his father (Mikhail Litovchenko as well) invented a modular power plant, which generates electricity from sea waves, according AIN.UA.

Researchers believe that neither floats nor pendulums can effectively produce energy from wind waves. Therefore Litovchenko family offered breakwater-power technology, which consists of several shafts mounted between two anchored buoys.

The inventors expect to sell the plant for $4,000-5,000 per 1 kW of installed capacity. The cost of one kilowatt-hour of energy produced is 10-12 cents.

The inventors have already created and tested the prototype and patented the idea:

In the future, they plan to produce a system, which will allow to order/sell the accumulated electricity.

At the moment, they are fighting for a prize of $200,000 in the semi-final (among 102 finalists) in the International Competition of Scientific Innovation Tech-I GIST in the US. The semi-final will last until May 1. If they win, they will spend the prize fund for the manufacture of industrial design, attracting investors at a new level.

You can vote for GIST Tech-I Finalists here.

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