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IT industry should not be a cash cow – Alexandr Medovoy

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“IT-industry is very promising. The most important thing for authorities is to let this field to develop and don’t consider us a cash cow,” the head of “Kharkiv IT Cluster” Alexander Medovoy stated at the International Business Forum in Kharkiv.

According to him, security, openness and perspective are the most important things for investors and IT professionals.

“If the city is safe, the Polish investment funds and private investors will come to us. We want to prove Kharkiv is no longer a “yellow zone”, where it is impossible to work,” Alexandr added.


He also said that in recent years the situation has generally improved. Now the power realizes IT companies honestly pay taxes and work not only in their pocket.

Also Medovoy cited the positive example of Lviv, where the city government fully supports IT-project. Lviv became the most popular IT location.

“Globally appreciating, IT-industry in Ukraine earns up to $3 billion. According to various estimates, a fifth of the county’s IT people works in Kharkiv. The regional Cluster has been established and is working to develop IT-business and facilitate working conditions. Today, we already had 23 companies here,” he said.

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