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What’s up on the IT labor market

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Recruitment portal Rabota.ua conducted research on Ukraine’s IT-labor market in 2015 – the beginning of 2016, reports AIN. Analysts of the service came to the conclusion that the most popular are Web programmers, especially Java-programmers.

Dynamics of the number of vacancies and summaries.

Starting from the second quarter of 2015 the number of vacancies increased steadily, reaching a peak in July and October – 2015 and February – 2016.

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(Data for January 2015 taken as a comparison point – 100%)

The structure of vacancies in spheres (in February 2016).

The leaders in market demand among employers are web development specialists – 26% of jobs and 20% separately. The most modest results have databases and business analysts – 2%.


The structure of vacancies by region (in February 2016)

The biggest employer is the IT-capital: 50% of jobs and 44% separately. On the second place by a large margin is Kharkiv region, the third and fifth places are shared among Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk and Odesa.


In sixth place, “Other countries” with 4%. It proves that Ukrainian experts are still highly valued around the world.

The average salary of IT-specialists (in January-February 2016)

Employers are looking for senior experts, but junior and middle levels are more common among the applicants. Data is sorted by the level of the proposed salary.

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