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Cyber policeman unmasks powerful bot-network

Photo from cybercrime.gov.ua

Ukrainian Postal and Telecommunications, in collaboration with private IT-companies, found on a Ukrainian server a large bot-network, reports the press service of the Department of Cyber Police of the Ukraine National Police.

The server was located in one of the southern regions of Ukraine and administered from Russia.

Hackers broke into the servers of 63 countries to send spam by remote control. Bot-network consisted of 4,000 private companies servers.

33 companies have suffered in Ukraine. Breaking and spam-sending has led to failures and leaks of information.

Computer security experts from the company ESET, Cys Centrum and CERT-Bund found the servers had Linux/Mumblehard virus. The bot-network management server is disabled.

According to police, the bot-network organizers have not yet been caught. Ukraine has managed to detain only people who were engaged in maintenance infrastructure.

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